22k goldsmith
About Me

Marki Knopp has lived all over the world bringing her collective surroundings to her art.  A native Californian she came to Telluride, Colorado, from New York City to live and work.  And it is now from Colorado that she has chosen gemstones that reflect the colors of the region.  The blue Colorado sky and the bright yellow of the aspens in fall co-mingle in turquoise and gold.  And though these are only a few of her exquisite combinations, these are combinations that make her happy.

Marki studied jewelry making at the Jewelry Arts Institute of New York, specializing in pre-sixth century, ancient techniques of goldsmithing. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Etruscans were making beautiful pieces from pure 24-karat gold using precious and semi-precious stones for medicinal and ornamental purposes.  Each stone had special properties that healed both medically and/or psychologically.  In Marki’s pieces she channels this same emotional well-being of the ancients’ gems by bringing happiness and smiles to her admirers.  Marki’s personal relationship with each carefully crafted piece reflects both her soulful dedication and talent.